The safe and secure way to share your banking details with customers.

How It Works

Most companies sends invoices with their business banking details printed on the invoice.

This exposes a security risk where cyber criminals intercepts these emails and changes the banking details before sending it on to the original recipient.

Once your customers receives the invoice with the "fake" banking details, they end up paying the money into the scammer's bank account.

With a TruBankID you would remove banking details from your invoices and statements and replace it with your unique TruBankID image.

When your customers receive your invoices they can use any web browser or smartphone to do a free TruBankID lookup with your unique code at to reveal your validated banking details.

If your accounting software does not allow inserting images, you can also use normal text to instruct your customer to do a TruBankID lookup at


  • Two-factor authentication
  • Company Validation to avoid fraudulant accounts
  • Highly effective ecryption algorithms


14 Day Free Trial !
No credit card required.
Subscription Based.

3 Months
149.00 ZAR

6 Months
299.00 ZAR

12 Months
599.00 ZAR

Use any TruBankID as discount code when creating your first TruBankID and receive 5-15% discount.


TruBankID API is organised around REST principles and designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URLs.

Requests and responses to and from the API are transmitted as JSON, an open and language-independent data format.

Source code for parsing and generating JSON data is readily available in many programming languages.

Once you sign up - You automatically receive an authkey and API instruction.

For more info on the API please get in contact with us.